Talent Testing Services offers QR Code Security and Mobile Convenience

Miami, FL March 12, 2012

Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS) now offers QR Code Technology for validating printed test results. The QR Code scan directs clients to the TTS Mobile page for convenient verification of authenticity on-demand as well as access to actual test results.

TTS has always been ahead of the curve in implementing leading edge technology and innovation. In addition to the QR Code and mobile access features, Producers/Agents as well as Talents are provided with a personal online dashboard with access to historical and most up-to-date testing information. Talents can also set up automatic reminders for next test dates.

Since 2006, the forward thinking company has offered advanced testing for HIV RNA via the FDA approved PCR Methodology. This testing method detects the presence of the HIV virus earlier than all other tests.

Talent Testing Services offers safe, reliable and affordable testing with quick turnaround times. The Basic Panel (HIV, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea) costs just $110. A Full Panel (HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C) is available for $150.

With over 300 drawing sites across the US staffed with courteous professionals, TTS also offers Talents unparalleled convenience, safety and service.

About Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS)
Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS) provides safe, courteous, affordable and convenient talent testing through wholly owned subsidiaries or collaborating sites. Since 2007, TTS has provided the most advanced infectious molecular testing for the adult industry. TTS is a privately held company with headquarters in Miami, Florida and a subsidiary office in Los Angeles, CA.


Miami, FL (Headquarters) (305) 792 2090 / Los Angeles (818) 885 0812 Twitter @talenttesting

Pornstar Samantha Saint Interview

Top pornstar Samantha Saint stops by the ATMLA office for an interview to girls that want to get in the porn business and how to find the best porn agency or adult agency.

Samantha is an experienced Pornstar who has been with Adult Talent Managers since she first started the business and wants to educate girls on how to become a Porn Star.


atmla comp analysis

ATMLA Ranks Top Porn Agency in LA

Recently, another adult agency decided to conduct a study concerning who is the ‘better agency’ by looking at a generic chart of their ‘hits’ along with a screenshot of their Alexa ranking.

Anybody with any Internet knowledge is quite aware of Alexa and how manipulative the ranking can be, especially in the porn business. So when a porn agency decides to show a statistic and claim that they are #1, and quote ‘completely surpass Type 9 Models, ATMLA, and are pretty much running neck, if not beating LA Direct.’ Wow, thats a lot of talk for someone who is bragging about an Alexa Ranking.

For those of you that aren’t aware, to increase your Alexa ranking, all you have to do is send a bunch of garbage traffic to a site continuously, and Alexa ranks you based on this number. That’s about it. There isn’t anything magical about it, and it has no evidence just how powerful your adult talent agency is. If we really wanted to, we could have hired some junk traffic to go to the site and we’d say ‘We are the best,’ but instead, we have a more logical plan in mind.

What we have decided to do, is give our viewers a true analysis of the top porn talent agencies in the business to really show what a true agency ranks in terms of credibility, links to their site, and keyword ranking. There is no manipulation possible unless you’re an expert in Photoshop, and even in that case, you can use the same software we are using and you can get the same results. The numbers don’t lie.

Pornstar Agency View

Just to give you a better explanation, the first number is the number that is the true credibility in Google. It allows the agency to rank higher for keywords and the website is a better quality website.

Keyword Ranking:

Another way to determine a top porn agent would be to look at some top keywords that someone might want to search for when getting into the porn business or looking for adult industry jobs. So we put this little list together of some of our keywords and feel free to test them out yourself by plugging them into the Google Search and notice who is at the top, especially for the keyword phrase ‘pornstar agency’. Yeah, you’re getting more traffic, but Google barely knows you even exist.  So something is a little wrong, eh?

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Our Final Thoughts To Everyone:

We hope that girls in porn, girls that want to become a pornstar, and all of those that are reading this understand the besides numbers, what makes a porn agent a good agency is more than ‘hits’ and belittling of others.  Our agency is about education and building careers. We have recently launched a video series on YouTube discussing tips on becoming a Pornstar and how to make it in porn. We also have another new series coming out that will take it one step further, and we take pride in our work and will give girls the best career path in porn.

Thank you


ATMLA Launches New Educational Series

We are pleased to announce a re-launch of our website, ATMLA.com.  ATMLA will launch a series of videos for girls looking at getting into porn and how to become a pornstar.  Our series is educational for tips on having sex and becoming a great adult performer.

Here is an introduction video from ATMLA Founder and CEO Shy Love: